Day 39: I got my ass kicked by a boy!

And that boy’s  name is Jake. He is our master of weightloss, weight gain and muscle tone. I decided I would go to the gym with him today to see what he does to get his amazing results. He schooled me! Even though he is a smaller guy than me, he did heavier weights with better form and more reps than I was able to do. My abs KILL already and I now that I have fuels them with a muscle strength and recovery shake (, I am stoked to see some tonage tomorrow!

 There are two things to note here. #1 Jake is not much of a gym guy and #2 he is a master of herbalife programs. He has put on 18 pounds of lean muscle over the last few months. Needless to say he is far more strict about his program than I am and his results show it. Also interestingly enough, his workouts are shorter and less sweaty than what I have been doing. SO why am I busting my ass and he just goes and throws down some sets of squats, lunges, and sit ups and he is cut as all hell? NUTRITION!

so for the next week I will be getting kick ass serious on my 3-2-1. No more effing around people!

7:3o herblife shake and trail mix

10:30 recovery herbalife shake with bananna

1PM trail mix

3:30 chicken and veggies, whole wheat tortilla

WOrking out with Jake was SO fun today! We both agree that we work out way harder when we have someone there with us. SImilarly, if oyu have a buddy to pair up with on a nutrtion program, you are more likely to stay on track.

If you schedule a FREE wellness evaluation tomorrow, you will get 25% off both programs if you sign up with a buddy!

email or call 562.883.4493



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