Kicking the Plateau in the ASS and Loving my life in the process!

Oh yeah, thats right I am past the plateau! 201. So stoked. Feeling good!

This has been an amazing day. I am so excited about working with skaters and getting them healthy. I feel like I spent the last 3 years banging my head against a wall trying to find a way to make a living doing what I love. Derby. Now I am finally doing that. I am doing it with out a boss, without a time card, without all the bullshit that I had resigned myself to think was what life just HAS to be. But it doesnt.

 Jim Rohn says “Its not the dierection of the wind, its the set of the sail.” The truth is that smae wind blows on everyone. Its what we choose to do with out lives, our situations that truely predicts what our lives will be. SO many people resign themselves to living for the weekend. Living for happy hour, living for vacation. Are all those things wonderful? Yes. But what is so utterly mindbblowing to me is that all those hours spent between weekends, happy hours and vacation..the majority of our lives… I now love those hours to. I have set my own said, and its scary has hell but I love every second of it. Its hard work but its rewarding, fulfilling.

Opening this nutrtion club in Culver City is like riding a rollercoaster. Its speeding by, its fun and its kind of scary. There are levels of risk involved but I have confidence of knowing that a 30 year old, reduculously successful business plan has my back. In nine months I have gone from zero dollars monthly to $3,000 last month. Helping people get healthy. Working with skaters all over the world. Supporting the goals and dreams of the people I loe the most.

Somebody pinch me. Is this really my life?

If you have nutrtion questions, seek guidance, or yoursick of your job and are looking for a way to get out, give me a call or shoot me an email. 562.883.4493



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