Day 31: Back to the Plan

SO its back to the 30 day plan. I just keep doing what I did for the last 30 days and I will hit another 8 pounds and sme more inches.

If you need advice, goal setting support, nutrtional advice, or a nutrtion plan and coaching give me a call or shoot me an email 562.883.4493

7:30am Herbalife vanilla shake with strawberries and  HPLC extra protein

4 mile run

9:30am Herbalife recovery shake with bananna and HPLC extra protein

11am chicken and some chocolate almonds..gone now, yay!

1pm protein bar

2:30pm chicken and veggies

5pm herbalife shake

7pm chicken burrito at the kings game

11pm 3 protein bars and protein pudding (late night munchies…trying to atleast make them healthy munchies but still. no bueno!!)

<iframe width=”425″ height=”345″ src=””></iframe>


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