Day 27: Running with the Emergency Break On

TIP: When jogging distances, you want to keep your steps small to avoid injury.

HOORAY my running magazines have started to arrive in the mail! The first one I looked at last night had an article about injury and how to begin your runs again. They talked about small steps to avoid major impact. Sure enough I was totally fine. GRanted I only ran 3 miles and did so with a 13 minute mile pace. It was like running with the E Break on. My instinct is to GO GO GO! CUz I like the stopped, I like to push myself but as the saying goes “this is a marathon not a sprint”…well in my case its a half marathon and then a roller derby game. But still. Damn it. So i will have to tone it down a bit. Just as Jason has told me all along. I am finally listening.

I realized I took 12 whole days off of running. I thought it had been a week. But no, 12 days!! So I am trying to assure myself that I WILL finish the race and I WILL be fine and that I DO NOT need to hustle to play catch up on my training schedule.

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I am sticking to my schedule of food! I am stoked to do inches next week. I know that even with the plateau I have lost some inches from my waist. Plus my arms and legs are coming along nicely toning wise. I have read and heard a lot about how the brain responds better to pictures than words and if you create a rift between what is and what you imagine there is, your brain/body will make changes to make it happen. I have spent a lot of time imagining my body and what I will feel like super cut and firm and how much easier it will be to skate and how strong I will be on the track and even how my clothes will fit.

5:30am herbalife shake with banana and extra protein (early morning for a trip to Whittier thanks to some convincing from Sindy for top-secret activities)

8:30 am herbalife shake blended with banana and extra protein-tastes like banana crème pie.

10am recovery herbalife muscle strength and recovery with strawberries blended. YUM! (yes I had 3 shakes by 10 am…what can I say I am a master blender and they are yummy and good for me!)

12pm tuna, herbalife protein bar

3:30pm herbalife protein bar

5pm sweet jesus herbalife protein pudding!!!

7pm tuna and whole wheat pita

10pm sweet jesus herbalife potein pudding and peanutbutter (oh yeah I made that happen!!yum!)

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