Day 26: Get over the Hump!


Ok I am trying to keep things simple. Over complications seem to throw me off. Shakes and tuna and veggies. YAY! I find that when I keep it simple, its easier to get past the plateau with out much brain power.

If you are interested in a free wellness evaluation or any of the products I mention in the blogs, let me know and I can help you.

7:30am herbalife shake

8am elliptical, bike, lower body lifting

10am herbalife recovery shake

12pm tuna, veggies, whole wheat pita

1:30 herbalife protein bar

4:30pm herbalife protein bar

6pm tuna, celery

7:45 shake

10pm protein pudding

I think I hit about 2000 calories and 130 g protein today. A perfect day! and I feel amazing!!!!



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