Day 25: Routine

I THRIVE on routine. I can kick as if everything goes according to plan. I am working bvery hard on not just falling off track the second there is a little hickup in my plan.

woke up late!

8am herbalife shake

9:45 am post workout recovery herbalife shake

10am egg white omlette, fruit, wheat toast, chicken sausage

12:30 frosting from a cupcake. yup! but atleast i didnt eat the cupcake! protein bar and fruit

3pm bananna and freeze dryed fruit

6pm (tuna whole wheat tortilla, veggies) X 2, fruit

10:30 pm nuts

I ate a lot today becuase I under ate yesterday and I have 3 hours of practice tonight so I want ot make sure I am strong for skating.


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