Day 24: Plateau

Yup. I knew it would happen. Ahh the plateau. Its frustrating to watch the scale stop moving, especially when my body is so clearly still changing. thankfully I have this food log to look back on and ask what I have done and what I can change. Well I know that the tamales and pizza where probably part of that, along with the drink or two I had this weekend. These things STOP YOUR MOMENTUm. I know some people say “well I am not willing to give up food/drinking. I like junk food. I am addicted to starbucks/carbs/coffee/pizza/chocolate.” These are all choices. Each person has their own goals and their own set of things they are willing to do to reach them. Maybe you are saying “I want to lose 30 pounds but I am not willing to give up my weekend bottomless mimosas.” That is your CHOICE. Everyone has complete control over your goals, your decisions, your job, your relationships, your life. YOU must decide what you are willing to do reach them and then find people who will SUPPORT you in these goals and stay away from those who try to steal your dreams.

If you want support in any of these areas, call or email me and I will help support you in reaching them 562.883.4493

7:30am herbalife shake

workout 30 min elliptical, 20 laps in the pool, abs

10am herbalife shake

12pm tuna and veggies and whole wheat tortilla

3:30pm tuna and veggies

7pm protein bar

10:30pm protein pudding (hebralife shake miz and sugar free pudding mix) too late! i failed on my 7 p, shake so now i am eating to close to bed time. oops.

I feel amazing! I am in the best shape I have ever been in and, at the age of 26, I will never have a boss again!!


One comment

  1. karolina

    yeah, i am willing to stay away from chocolate… but those Guinesses… I need them.. .they make me happy
    Sometimes I wounder if I was born Irish, and not Swedish… mOHAHAHAH

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