Day 20: 200 pounds!!!!!!!

Oh yeah! I just weighed myself and I am an even 200!!! Down 13 pounds in 20 days!! The first few weeks, weight always falls off fast. From here on out my goal is 1-2 pounds per week for the next 10 weeks! 70 days left! I was so scared I wasnt going ot reach my goal but I went for it anyways and now I know if I just stay consistent with my program I will hit it no problem.

Now I know a lot of people are saying “yeah but she is training a lot, ofcourse she is losing wieght.” But I want you all to understand that I have always trained a lot. I have ALWAYS been a 5 days a week 1-2 hours a day at the gym plus practice kind of girl..ever since I was like 13 years old. So this is by no means a result of simply going to the gym. One the one hand, yes you do need to get some exercize but on the other hand, I have NEVER had this kind of definition, energy, strength, and lack of depression (yes, this nutrtion program has helped hundreds of people get off precription anti-depressants). I ATTRIBUTE MY SUCCESS 90% TO MY NUTRTION PROGRAM.

I would also like to point out here that you will not get these kinds of results using th crap from GNC. It s SHELF GRADE product meaning that only 35%of what they say on the label actually has to be in the container. Where as the Herbalife products I use are pharmaceutical grade meaning that 95% o what thy say is in it must acually be in there.  SO if ou think you ca go to GNC or your local health food ste adgethe same results, Isuggest you soot me an eail first ands show you some before and after photos that will amaze you.

If you want some help, advice, direction, or anything else, send me an email and I am happy to support you!


One comment

  1. Frosty Peaches

    You are amazing Krissy. Keep up the hard work… it’s one thing to do all this work, and another to lay it all out there for us to read. Way to keep accountable!! 🙂

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