Day 19: I’ve cracked the code!

Well ok so Jake cracked the code but you better believe I am jumping on that bandwagon! He has it hammered out perefctly to lean out. Everyday I see more definition and feel leaner!

AND OMG on December 6th (championships) I am not proud to say that I had to squeeze into my uniform shorts and I was oozing over the top of them in a not so comfortable way. BUT today I put them on…Just to see. and they fit! Like perfectly! There was even a little room!!!!! I feel amazing! I cant waif for the end of the 90 days! I feel like right now I am about as cut as I have ever been before and so I cant even imagine what I am going to look like in 70 more days!

So today was 25 minutes on elliptical and 20 minutes on the stationary bike. Lifted lower body.

7:30 am herbalife shake

10:30 recovery herbalife shake

2:30pm chicken, raw veggies, whole wheat tortilla with feta and raspberry vinagrette

5pm herbalife shake

7:30pm chicken, raw veggies, whole wheat tortilla with feta and raspberry vinagrette, plus a yummy cupcake (the  lowfat one) a split a not low fat one with maiven

10pm 1/4 a cookie ( was prod it was only half when before it would have been 3 cookies!

11pm protein pudding, a little late to be eating ( you should allow 3 hous btwen ur last meal and bed)


One comment

  1. Skunk

    You know……it’s one thing to see numbers go down on a scale. But it’s a totally different feeling fitting back into clothes again. Congrats on the work you’ve done so far!

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