ok so physically my enurnce kicks ass. I can jump on the track and jam or block quite a few jams in a row. I can run distances all that fun stuff but MENTAL endurance is something I am working very hard at. Its so easy to get super stoked about a goal when I first start but as I progress this discipline seems to waiver. It seems that once I start to see awesome results I feel like I can slack off a bit. But in all actuality, this is the time to stay strong and keep going otherwise I will just keep losing the same 10 lbs over andover again. This is what most people do. … Lose that same 10 lbs over and over.

But true change comes when you change your habits and move towarda a true healthy lifestyle. For me its bordom and stress eating. when  I am slammed I can stick to it no problem but when things slow down I want to munch. I have started using herbalife best defense as a great thing to sip on. Its sweet and fizzy and seems to hit the spot. Same thing with the berry or mango drink mix.

7:30 Herbalife shake

8am 4min cardio upper body lifting

9:30 am post workout herbalife shake

11am shake

12:30 herbalife cocnut chocolate protein bar

2pm chicken and veggies with whole wheat pita

7:30pm tuna medly spicy thai flavor. YUM

9:30 pm sinfully amazing protein pudding 1.5 servings 150 calories, 15 g protein (this will totally be my new cheat snaclk when i need sweets..even though its not even a cheat cuz its good for me!)


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