Day 15—>Yesterday Allstars and Running and Foodlog Oh my!

So today marks the beginning of week 3. YAY!

Yesterday was a big test for me. I ran 5 miles at a 9:30 min/mile pace and then skated a game. I am thinking I will be doing the running then skating thing every sunday between marathon training and Wreck Leagues. I figure ots good training for the big day.

Yesterday was interesting. This is something i have found amd I am sure any of oyu who are on a path to health and good nutrtion will find too is that sometimes your best freinds can be your worst enemies. Not that they mean you any harm but just in the fact that some people dont understand the kind of discipline it can take to reach ahealth goal. Dont get me wrong I LOVE my friends but when it comes down to something like losing 25 lbs in 90 days, people will always give you the “yeah well just take this ONE day off” but what you find is that if you are seeing different people each dfay, they will all be encouraging you to “just take this ONE day off.” This I often find myself finding other, less social things to do while trying to reach a health goal.

TIP: DO allow yourself just ONE day off. It is important to give your self a day to be less than stellar, especially if you are like me and LOVE food for not only is amazing yummyness but also for the social aspect of it. Yesterday was one of those days. I will admit though, I think I probably burned enough calories to make up for the AMAZING BBQ with some of my favorite reffy folk.

Food Log from yesterday

9am herbalife shake plus catch me if you can (pre 5 mile run)

10 am post run two beverage mixes (180 calories, 30 g protein)

11:30 wrap from Tribal Cafe-chicken, veggies, avcado, yum!

1pm protein bar- I am pretty sure I didnt need this but i was just eating cuz I was nervous

3pm cookie…yeah that happened.

5:30 pm BBQ! burnt ends, coleslaw, some sweet potato fries, 3 pieces wheat bread.

9pm protein bar

SO all n all an active day and a lot of food for what I have ben used to. I wil weigh in tomorrow so I guess that will thethe judgeof how this week went.


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