Better than I thought!!

I did it! I ran 8 miles! I have never in my life run 8 miles at once! Fuck yeah! I kept it slow for the first half and then once I hit four miles I opening it up a bit. I really found my good stride at about 5 miles I think. But by that last mile I felt SO good I opened that shit up and pushed hard to the end. Passed by Tara Armov on her skates and gave her a wave as I cruised by. My last mile was run in 8 minutes and 16 seconds! I was shooting for a 10 minute per mile averageĀ and i hit it exactly. 80 minutes for 8 miles! Next time I guess I will set my goal higher andsee if I can hit that too!

I think 2 things that made a big difference for me. 1) I brougth a 12 oz bottle of catch me if you can (herbalife H3O, nightwoks, and herbal tea concentrate) which I drink down btween miles 3 and 4. It gave me everyting I needed to finish it out. I didnt even hit a wall.

Check this out!

<iframe width=”425″ height=”345″ src=””></iframe>

My goal is to run the 1/2 marathon with a 9 minute 30 second pace. Jason thinks that may be too ambitious and I am wondering the same. but, if I am really only finding my stride by mile 5-8 then I feel like I will be able to keep that kind of pace up for at least a few more miles? I guess I’ll keep pushing and find out!

If anyone has questiosn about training or nutrition for sports or for life, hit me up! I am glad to help!


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