Best EVER!!

Ok so I think I have hands down mastered the BEST shake ever. We’re talking rich and creamy and icy and think and OMG OMG a big 16 oz one is only 190 calories and 24 grams of protein, plus fiber and other good for your stuff.

8 am herbalife shake plus a 16oz “catch me if you can”

10:30 am beverage mix 90 calroeis 15 grams protein, no sugar. tastes like juice. yum!

11 am chorizo and eggs (what?! I burned 1300 calories on my run, i think i deserve a little chorizo and eggs…yes I am rationalizing.)

3 pm best shake EVER!!!!!

7pm home made chicken fajitas

10:30 dirty maritini ( happy birthday Maiven!!)


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