Food and REST!

Dude! i was a little pooped this morning. I decided since I have a big run tomorrow I would take it easy today. I did 20 min elliptical and a yoga class to stretch me out, then lower body lifting. yay!

8am herbalife shake

11am egg white omlette broccoli, chicken, peppers, onion, mushroom. side of fruit and 2 pieces of wheat toast.

3 pm chicken, whole wheat tortilla, balsamic vinager

5pm herbalife shake

6pm 4 tbs “naturally more” peanutbutter..yes it is my guilty pleasure. note to self dont buy peanutbutter or i will eat it all!!

9pm 2 whole wheat tortillas chichen, and……6 pieces of chocolate 😛

this felt like a LOT of food today. Jason is making me eat more carbs today cuz I am running so far tomorrow but I still feel like i was full all day and eating a bit more than usual. I am dying to weigh myself today cuz I feel SO good and I feel a lot more toned!


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