Day 11: Food Log

TIP: Make sure that you dont eat TOO few calroeis if youre going to be doing lots of exercize/physical activity. This can be just as bad as not eating enough. If you body is netting (calroeis in-activity calories out= net) under 1100 calroeis, you are NOT eating enough! if you have questions about your calories intake, I can run your numbers and give you your protein requirement  and calories.

7:30am herbalife shake

9:30am 1/4 cup chorizo n eggs 1 corn tortilla

11:00 am herbalife shake 1tbs peanutbutter

2:30 chicken, balsamic vinagrette, whole wheat tortilla

5pm 4 table spoons peanutbutter ( i have this epic high protein, flax seed peanutbutter, lower in fat, higher in protein. I will check the same and post it. the stuff tastes SO good!)

9:30pm post practice herbalife shake

11pm chicken 🙂 too late to be eating really but I did a lot of stuff today n i think I may have under cut my calories.


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