Food Log From Hell!

Ok so thats a little over dramatic of a description but yesterday was a challenge. it was my rest day so there was no workout. I dont handle rest days very well. I like doing stuff 🙂

7:30 herbalife shake

11:00 Herbalife shake

3:00pm chicken, balsamic vingrette and whole wheat tortilla in the car on my drive out to the desert for my dads birthday. (It was on the ride there that I thought oh crap…cake)

7:30p, hamburger patty, no bun, onion, letuce pickles, a dash of tartar sauce., and a small garden salad with balsamic vinegar. … and a tequila shot. “Family meeting!” as we call it.

8:30pm one more “Family Meeting” TQ shot and cake.

A note on cake and tequila. A shot or two on my dads birthday I decided was totally acceptable. As for the cake I am proud to say I ate my favorite part, the frosting, and threw the rest away. Frosting is my heroin. Usually I would have had like two pieces (corners ones for max frosting content). But lately my body has felt SO good that I dont want to put crap in it, and when I do, I feel like crap. So I guess if refined sugar is my heroin, then I guess herbalife is my methadone?


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