Breakfast of Champions and lunch and dinner

Thank GOD for catch me if you can! I didnt hit a wall until maybe the last half mile of my run! It was amazing.

7:30 herbalife formula 1 chocolate 2 scoops, vanilla protein drink mix 2 scoops, 1.5 cups water and some ice. Add herbal tea concentrate, nightworks, and H3O. BAM off an running

9:30 am recovery shake- 2 cups water, ice, herbalife mixed berry beverage mix, 2 scoops Muscle strength and recovery.

12:00 chicken and whole wheat tortilla with some balsamic vinagrette

4:00 PM same as noon

9:00 PM 3 servings of almonds (a few too many I think)

10:00 pm turkey burger patty, avacado, grilled veggies


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