Training my ass off…literally

TIP: if you do 10 bicep curls without a weight you will not make progress. You have to challenge your muscles beyond their comfort zone. Of curls 1-15 my body want sto do #15 the least. Guess which one is responsible for 90% of the growth and toning? Numbers 16-20. PUSH THROUGH THAT SHIT

Oh ballz. My arms are sore as hell from my workout yesterday. I LOVE being sore. It lets me know I have done a good job. My upperbody is uber stiff today and I can feel the lower setting in from my killer legs/ab workout today. Tomorrow is the longest run of my official training so far. 6 miles. My goal is to take it easy and not hurt my shins. I will drink a catch me if you can before hand:Herbalife H3O (hydration), 2 scoops night works (endurance booster), and a lift off (energy) about 30 minutes before hand. That night works makes such a difference. I dont hit the wall after 30 minutes.

Jake and I took our before photos yesterday in the office. Me, looking not so hot in my hot pants and tank top. I never thought there would be a day where we’d stand in our office in our underwear and have our pictures taken (not at the same time ofcourse). and yes it was about as awkward as is seems like it would be LOL! I am so excited for that after photo. I will be more cut than I ever have been before!


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