Good Fuel=Energy

I have so much energy! I feel so good! 2 shakes and two meals a day!

7:30 herbalife shake

10am beverage mix 15g protein 90 cal

11:00 herbalife shake

3pm chicken breast and whole wheat tortilla with yummy dressing

7pm tuna salad

I didnt drink nearly enough water today. Fail. I get dehydrated SO easily and with how much my ass sweat on that stairclimber today. But still another successful day on my program. I have done my supplements (multivitamin, cell activator, ceel u loss, snack defense, total control) all 3 times every day since i started this week. Yay for consistency.

The past few days at the office have been heavy! I still have so much to learn and I am trying to keep up with all the momentum and learn along the way. Jake taught me how to block out my schedule today. He looked at my planner and just silently shoot his head. Another skill to apply on another new day!


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