The swing of things

8:30 herbalife caffe latte shake w/strawberries blended. Oh how good it is to be home and have my blender again! Sweet deliscious frothy shake….

12:00 post workout shake same as breakfast cuz it was so nice i had to have it twice. Yeah…I said it.

3:450pm Epic Sandwich-whole wheat bread, avacado, munster cheese, prouts mixedgreens, tuna salad. Drool.  Plus a small garden salad

7:00 Beverage mix- 90 calories, 15 grams of protein and it taste like juice. perfect snack for my amazingly busy day.

10:00 pm 1/4 cup tuna salad

I love being busy. i dont snack when I am busy. I eat most of the time cuz I am bord or procrastinating. Thanksfully with the epic success of the 90 day challenge and all the time I am spending working with clients and training new coaches, I am SLAMMED! I love it.

If i can just repeat this for 90 days I think I have this thing in the bag. I am so excited and nervous to weight myself next monday. I am trying my damnedest NOT to step on a scale any more than weekly.


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