Food is Fuel

One of the biggest things I struggle with is treating food as fuel. Hey, I am italian, what do you expect?! I find that planning ahead really helps, as does limiting the amount of stuff I have to eat at home, and Herbalife’s Total Control kepps me from snacking. I plan on following a plan that I have customized for myself which combines the Herbalife Energy and Fitness Program, my friend Jake’s plan for leaning out, in combination with the info I learned from a book called the Human Food Handbook courtesy of Rick Fox.

My biggest foes in this venture? Chocolate and late night snacking. I am hoping this blog will keep accountable. There may be some rantings on here as I attempt to detox from the holiday food extravaganza that I have been submerged in for the last 2 weeks.

Day1: 9:30 Pre Workout Herbalife Cafe Latte Shake Nightworks (endurance), Herbal Tea Concentrate (energy)

11:30 Emils Epic Scramble- eggs, lamb, chipotle peppers, cheese

3:30 1 can of Tuna and some rosemary crackers

5:30 chips and homemade guacamole

6:30 beef n bell pepper fajitas, tortilla, guacamole, sour cream


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