Day 1: Walking Softly

Running is hard. Yeah. Who knew?
So for those of you that don’t realize it, you cannot approach distance running like derby. A mile is not a jam. My first impulse is to run my ass off get an amazing pace and push right to the very end. I learned very quickly over the last 3 weeks, in my first unofficial ventures into distance running, that this is NOT a good plan.  After spending the last week icing my shins, limping around and cursing my shin splints I have decided to take the advice of every running article I have read and ease myself into this thing.

I am lucky enough to have to men in my life who have a wealth of running and biomechanics knowldge. Jason has written up a running schedule for me, which I have been informed I actually have to follow. So no more “oops I accidently ran an extra 2 miles” this time. Rick has been coaching me through the whole shin splints business and has informed me that I apparently run improperly. Like a good derby girl, I asked him “well can’t I just run anyways and just grit my teeth through it?” He gave me the same answer he always does since he knows I probably won’t listen if he tells me to stay off it for a few weeks. “Let pain be your guide,” he says. Sigh, ok…

So now the quest to run properly has begun. After a week of rest and a timid walk with Teresa 2 days ago, today was the official start of my training. I am stoked. I take it easy, dont push it and 4 miles later, I feel pretty good. Granted I am learning to take care of my body a bit better. Icing my shins as I type this.

I am stoked about this whole new year, new you, do what scares you venture.  I have put a lot on my plate over the last 9 months and I feel like I have pushed my own training, nutrtion, self to the side. Well this year is all about me. Thats right. I’ll say it. It’s about being the best I can be as an athletes, a health coach, a friend, a person. It’s on and here’s where I start.

My goal: lose 25lbs by March 31st, run 13.1 miles on March 27th (which will be promptly followed by skating an all-star game on that same day I might add).                                                                                                                        Whats on the line: My hair. My beloved long wonderful hair. If I dont hit both goals by the specified dates… snip snip bye bye hair.


One comment

  1. Skunk

    GREAT idea blogging. The more people who know, the more people who can hold you accountable. (In hind sight, I wish I had started a blog as well.)

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